About Agene

Established in 2017, Agene is an innovative biomedical high-tech company.

Both Agene and Fujian Cosunter Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd (300436.SZ) are invested and controlled by Fujian Effort Group. Agene is committed to the application of ultra-sensitive genetic testing technologies, such as mNGS (metagenomic Next Generation Sequencing) and multiplex PCR, in clinical setting. Our mission is to improve the detection and identification of pathogens, to advance the development of precision medicine in infectious diseases.


Agene has developed PathoSeq and SuperSens platforms.

SuperSens platform

The SuperSens platform is based on fluorescence quantitative PCR technology and suitable for identification of common infections. The two technology platforms meet clinical needs in response to different situations.

PathoSeq platform

The proprietary PathoSeq platform is based on next-generation sequencing, offers a streamlined workflow, from sample preparation to genomic data analyses and report generation.


The PathoSeq Test is a revolutionary metagenomic NGS approach for microbiology testing

It’s culture-free and unbiased, which means clinicians do not need to preselect pathogens to be tested. Once clinical samples are shotgun sequenced, with Agene’s proprietary algorithm and automated analysis pipelines, the PathoSeq Test utilizes a internally-curated reference database to simultaneously identify over 20,000 pathogens including bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites, and the turnaround time from sample-receipt to report delivery is usually within 24 hours.

Agene offers both NGS- and PCR-based solutions for the rapid diagnosis of infectious diseases.

Based on the PathoSeq and SuperSens platforms, Agene has successfully launched a COVID-19 nucleic acid detection kit (fluorescence quantitative PCR method), 14 respiratory pathogens nucleic acid detection kit (fluorescence quantitative PCR method), 12 diarrhea pathogens nucleic acid detection kit (fluorescence quantitative PCR method), and PathoSeq Test (next-generation sequencing method).

More Information

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